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ClafisolApS is a leading-edge software house specializing in middleware and development tools for Internet of Things applications.




We provide Integration Platforms and Solutions that supports different types of applications. Our solutions are able to integrate and provide access to various equipment and machinery, devices and sensors, including other sources of heterogeneous data for different types of applications and services in the agribusiness, environmental and energy/utility sectors.

Ecommerce and Marketplace for Agro Products, Services and Resources

The eCommerce marketplace is for marketing and advertising B2B/B2C Agribusiness products and services. Serves as a hub for Agribusinesses and professional networking activities, as well as provides other services for navigation, mapping, geo-advertising, security and law enforcement tracking for organisations and national food authorities. Example is tracking and tracing agricultural products and services Our eCommerce platform is a unique product for marketing and advertising Agribusiness products and services. Its functionality is comparable to Alibaba and Amazon and agriproducts and services from the regions of Nordic, Baltic, EU, Europe, Asia, America, Africa and global can be advertised and sold here.

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ioGateway Hubs – Home Automation Devices and Mobile Gateway Hubs and Bridges

Our M2M ioGateway hub serves as connectivity broker purposely for connectivity and transfer of data between automation systems and IT systems. Our Gateway hubs connects to automation systems such as vehicles, equipment and machinery, sensors and devices, etc and transfer the data or information collected from equipment and/or devices to farm management information systems (eg. ERP) (or the cloud).

Our ioGateway hubs/bridges connectivity middleware is based on manufacturing integration standards (Example OPC-UA, MQTT, REST, web services, SOAP) for connection to different protocol devices (coverters) such as: Modbus, CAN, CANopen, RS232/485/422, Ethernet, GSM and M-bus, Profinet, Profibus, J1939, BACnet , WIFI, USB etc.

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IoT in Connected Agriculture, Environmental Applications, and Connected Services and Big Data Analytics

IoT Cloud

Our autonomous IoT-Cloud enabled information management (Autonomous IoT Cloud Enabled Solution) solution provides a platform, services and subsystems with corresponding middleware, and security and privacy architecture for process automation, data management, monitoring and control, and GCI infrastructure, technologies and

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Farm Decision Support Systems DSS

Our Decision Support System (and Early Warning System + Structural Health and Condition Monitoring System) including a data pool resource and a visual analytic service platform, which uses cloud management facilities for collecting, combining and making them accessible to the currently scattered

The world wide web

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Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

Our Integration Platform provide agro shipping services and uber-like transport services for connecting consumers and producers in the Agri-business and agri-food supply chains.
Our M2M cloud gateway middleware and data models for data connectivity, data transfer, data transformation, and data storage for both CAN, ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS systems support, include Data models for agri food production and logistics forecasts and other related eCommerce marketplace in such a way that vehicle tracking services have been optimized to reduce waste, over-use of equipment and machinery and field resources through our monitoring applications and solutions.

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User Interfaces (UIs) / Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) Devices and Support Services

Examples, of our standard customizeable UIs of our DSS modules and for presenting and visualizing data models such as routing, sowing paths and reduction of material.

Our User Interfaces support covers service planning, crop monitoring execution and decision making, and other shipping and logistics farm operations Services and vehicle tracking operations, etc.
Clafisol has developed and implemented new HMI and GUI methods and concepts for agriculture and forestry (real-time) information systems, especially belonging to range of specific use cases, which solves new complex tasks for the end user. This technology is unique and has commercial value, either along with the major components of the Clafisol system or when used with other systems. The HMIs are generally cross-platform and may be used browser based or non-browser based.

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Applications and APIs

The Clafisol API framework follows the RESTful interface format, providing integration capabilities and programmatic access to all major system components; Shipping and logistics, eCommerce applications, Farm management, Decision support. It provides predictable URLs for accessing resources, and uses built-in HTTP features to receive commands and return responses. This makes it easy to communicate with from a wide variety of environments, from command-line utilities to gadgets to the browser URL bar itself. The API accepts JSON or form-encoded content in requests and returns JSON content in all of its responses, including errors. Only the UTF-8 character encoding is supported for both requests and responses.
The API framework supports authenticating with the API using OAuth 2.0 We require that applications designed to access the Clafisol API on behalf of multiple users implement OAuth 2.0.
Please contact us to learn more about our API framework, or if you are interested in using the API framework for third-party integrations.

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