About Clafisol

CLAFISOL is a spin-off company from the project FP7 CLAFIS, and a majority of its IPR is owned by the CLAFIS consortium. Clafisol is an R&D performing SME and a leading provider of a number of solutions, applications and services for process automation, monitoring, advanced processing, control and information management. Our Remote management solutions are able to integrate both HI-TECH and LOW-TECH Agricultural, Environmental, Transport and Energy systems, equipment–machinery and devices, and information management systems in-premise or in the cloud.

For example, our cloud based integrated information management platforms provides tools for internet of things applications, middleware and web services, and achieves semantic interoperability between heterogeneous devices, information sources and services. We are always focused on providing the most accurate and cost effective solutions in automation systems and IT systems for Environmental, Agricultural and Transportation applications. We manufacture/produce and sell automation and IT in EU and Africa.

In the previous year(s) til today, Clafisol has invested and continue to invest into R&D activities that will enable the company present itself on international markets and global scales in the above sectors and field.

R&D activities

CLAFISOL specialty are within manufacturing of GPS/Glonass/GSM tracking and mgt. systems; Manufacturing of vehicle data security systems; and Providing Fleet management services in territory of Copenhagen.