Agro meteorological monitoring and Plant health decision support

Agricultural planning and decision making is closely linked to the present, past and future weather. Integration of weather resources, being from local weather/soil sensors or from online weather resources, is a core functionality of the Clafisol solution. The integration of weather data is the key of effective farm planning and plant health decision support.
Irrigation use-case for small scale farming – Scalable Programmable And (automatic/appropriate) Remote Techniques for Agriculture (SPARTA). Small-scale farm production is an important component of world food production which occurs in both developed and developing economies but has been largely been overlooked for improvement using electronic sensor-based information technologies that are becoming more widespread on larger farms with the availability of low-cost sensors.

Since most farmers now routinely use internet-based services for a wide range of personal needs there seems to be considerable potential for appropriate developments linking on-farm sensors to web applications to improve small-scale farm production, which could make a significant contribution to social cohesion in many regions of the EU that have a tradition of small-scale farms. The system is based on components-of-the-shelf low-cost wireless sensor network services on several farms monitored through a single GPRS or Ethernet connection and supported by mobile phone applications specifically developed or adapted for small-scale producers. The current target application areas include irrigation decision support, providing growers with on-line access to soil moisture and weather sensor data for their crops with options for data sharing between neighbours, access to irrigation decision-support software (DSS), forum discussions and extension advice. Further options of DSS for disease forecasting and crop protection advice is possible via the disease pressure module.