More flooding hampers business recovery and affects community’s image

More flooding hampers business recovery and affects community’s image

Flooding in west Florida kills two people, leaves several others trapped in homes, road

The city of Pascagoula, Mississippi, is preparing for possible flood damage after an early January storm left 10 homes flooded or flooded to bedrock, officials said.

The flooding of the lowland West Mississippi Valley, in northern Mississippi, killed two people in the last week in the United States, the National Hurricane Center said.

“We’ve been taking care of homes and buildings in the area, which have been flooded or inundated,” said Pascagoula Mayor Mike Pesca. “So we’re not going to leave anyone behind.”

On Saturday morning, about 10 a.m., the river at a creek on Route 40 turned blue and started to flood, inundating homes near the creek’s bank in the neighborhood of Pinehurst. The water was so high the carpool lanes were blocked바카라사이트 by a concrete barrier.

“It was just horrible,” said Paul Smith, who got back to his home near Highway 40 about 2 a.m.

He, his wife, and two kids, a boy, 3, and girl, 2, were watching TV with 바카라the windows down when the water came in.

“We’re getting knocked off our seats, our floorboards, my head was pretty much down on the ground,” he said.

The river still had not reached Pinehurst, and Smith said no one from the town was available Saturday to help him.

“I think my insurance will go down next week,” he said. “We’ve been waiting for that. We have insurance.”

Pascagoula and the neighboring town of Gadsden are about 12 miles west of Pinehurst, which sits on the Mississippi River and is the gateway to the Alabama panhandle.

The Pascagoula area is mostly rural. Pesca said the river has a maximum discharge from a two-story house about 20 feet high — less natyasastra.comthan a five-story home, or about two-thirds the flood of Pinehurst.

The U.S. Geological Survey, which monitors the Mississippi River for more than 1 million sediment samples annually, recorded a maximum discharge of about 23,000 cubic yards during the most recent six months.

Pascagoula Mayor Paul Smith, who is president of the Pascagoula and Little Pinehurst Chamber of Commerce, blamed a combination of factor