Our Decision Support System (DSS), Early Warning Systems (EWS) and Structural Health and Condition Monitoring systems (SHMs) allow stakeholders including farmers, farmer’s organizations, researchers, equipment manufacturers, government departments and agencies, seed and farm inputs producers (fertilizer producers, livestock medicine producers, etc) to collect important and updated information for interactive, flexible and quick decision-making, a model of Decision Support System for Farm Management

We provide decision making platform(s) for farmers, equipment and machinery manufacturers, farm input producers and related stakeholders

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make use of internet technology in making farm management decisions. With the help of our model, the farmers can access online interactive and flexible information for their farm management.

Our DSS, EWS and SHMs are intelligent and integrated such that it enables farmers and other stakeholders to;

  • Search and scan procedures.
  • Collect data.
  • identify problems.
  • identify owners of specific problems and where and whom to contact.
  • classify, describe and state the problems.

Based on the above procedures our integrated DSS, EWS and SHM system different models for handling the problems identified and our existing models are validated for each of the problem(s) identified, predict and measure the outcome for each of the models.

For each solution to a model, we provide sensitivity analysis for it and do the same for all existing alternatives.