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warning systems (EWS)

The Clafisol Early warning systems (EWS) module comprising an information processing and Knowledge Management platform with corresponding, crop and soil-water hydrologic, inverse and system identification models, algorithms and tools for signal/multimedia processing, time series analysis, automation and control.
The Decision Support System (DSS) which is an Information processing and knowledge management (IPKM) module, includes the corresponding/requisite a data resource pool and visual analytic service platform, and uses cloud management facilities for collecting, combining and making accessible the currently scattered data and resources for optimal interpretation and adaptation to crops and soil dynamics and composition in agriculture. This will enable Enhanced ability to track, manage and plan local farm activities. The Clafisol platform will help end-users manage, organize and track their farm activities, records and local processes, equipment and machinery, and other automation systems. This functionality/feature will lead to improvement in automatic capturing of data, and location based information from crop and soil water (CSW) systems, etc. It will enable performance monitoring of farm activities and interconnectivity between farm activities and CSW systems, SEDs and IT systems (such as FMIS) and to monitor own performance.