Equipment and machinery tracking, monitoring and control applications

The Clafisol solution platform offers a complete set of functionality and services for smaller companies who are running a business where a number of vehicles, fleet needs to be monitores and managed. The platform targets any type of mobile/vehicle based service, that users can call or order. Application areas include:
– Transport of goods, picking up stuff and get it delivered/transported
– get products bought and delivered (shopping service)
– get a

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person/technician/prodblem solving person
– theft service. Add gps to car, alert if car is moving when it is not supposed to
– cleaner call service
– collect waste on demand
– Food grosseries delivery supermarket
– Fast food delivery
– Flexible goods trasnport and delivery
– Call service for picking up waste products
– Moving company

Other call services, where users quickly can get serviced, either on demand or from planned visits.