IOT in Connected Fleet management Applications

Vehicle and Machinery fleet management involves tracking and real-time communication with the fleet, and the integration with Fleet management systems, Farm management system (FMIS) and the Manufacturer maintenance / diagnostics systems. The connection is typically through CAN and ISOBUS, and goes through the gateway via 3G and 4G mobile networks.
The pooling system handles interfaces as data and will therefore allow interface extensions without changesto the pooling system or the data pool. In this way, an endless number of advanced technologies can be added in the future.The IoTcloud enabled technology encompasses all aspects of sharing access, scalability and the handling of huge amounts of data. It encompasses the following;
Interfaces: The pool will have both a web site interface and a client side interface via API and RESTful protocols which allow sharing and use of data. The client side interface is crucial for the pool as a Server-Client configuration, thus via the cloud to be an integral service for end user applications. Interfaces to be tested and validated include the following;
1) Remote management device to ISO 11783 and Non-ISO 11783
2) Remote management system to the cloud
3) User Interfaces: data visualization (map), machine management, remote management systems configuration.

Search functions: This is the central and crucial function of

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the pool for making data useful and giving access to stored data. Via the flat and fully indexed XML-cloud-database format, very strong and fast searches are possible.
Acquisition and normalization of data: The inclusion of given advanced technology into the pool, will need an automatic normalization of the data to match the format standards inside the pool. Those automatic processes (if any shows up during integartion) will be and implemented, tested and validate during the project and are a key element for achieving low maintenance and running costs of the data pool.