IOT in Connected Agriculture Applications

The Clafisol integration platform will provide a versatile integration infrastructure which allows integration of agriculture sensor systems enabling integrated and combined use of the sensor data across the different systems, such as weather sensors, crop growth monitoring, Surveying fields (e.g. by the use of drones, UAVs, etc) for monitoring crop growth through advanced sensors and imaging capabilities, diseases and pests monitoring, and remote monitoring and control of equipment and machinery used in farms. This is currently a real challenge. The solution is built on current leading (open) standards and employs a broad set of protocol adaptors for versatile integration with external devices and

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The solution is an Essential Enabling Services and Platform is based on open standards and defines an ISOBUS-based and NON-ISOBUS-based rich information model for unified automation for OPC UA and has already evaluated it through an implementation for seeding, spraying and harvesting use case. The data connectivity and transfer techniques are based on OPC UA and covers data transfer between i) automation systems (i.e. Autonomous Agriculture Equipment and Machineries (SEDs) and HMI devices) and ii) the IoT cloud-enabled platform. The Essential Enabling Services and Platform has also constructed and developed a data pool resource which has search engine and use a method of pooling to constantly harvest and transfer data and information resources between automation systems and the IoT cloud-enabled platform.