Structural health and condition monitoring systems (SHM) and other predictive maintenance analytics for fixed and mobile field-equipment, devices and machinery is a growing field. The Clafisol platform, via the gateway module, provides a versatile connectivity and integration infrastructure for real-time and on-site monitoring providing the full overview for the assessment of field equipment for fast and responsive condition monitoring

The integrated Solution is a hardware-software integrated solution comprising the following platform components; i) an M2M gateway link for connectivity to automations systems is based on OPC UA information models and entitling standards and ii) IoT cloud enabled intelligent information management platform, iii) Information processing and knowledge management platform and iv) an HMI module. DRIVERPA’s Essential Enabling Services and Platform covers Internet of Things (IoT), universal communication connectivity, and Human Machine Interaction (HMI). The connectivity and transfer of data, resources and information between automation systems and IT systems is via the M2M gateway link and a process automation middleware in the cloud which can be viewed as a hub or broker.